Google Maps Introduces Four New Updates for US National Parks

Yosemite national park

Google Maps has recently launched four new updates that will help visitors explore the US national parks more efficiently. These updates aim to provide all necessary information in one place, from finding the best trailheads to locating the nearest public restrooms.

Quick Identification of Popular Places

With the first update, users can quickly identify popular places in a park, such as attractions, campgrounds, visitor centers, and trailheads. Google Maps will show photo highlights of key attractions, like Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park, and users can tap on any of the photos to get more details such as videos and reviews from people who have been there before.

Highlighting Popular Trails

The second update highlights popular trails on the map, showing the entire route along with reviews and photos from the Google Maps community. This feature will help users identify the best trails for their skill level and preferred activity, whether it be hiking, running, or cycling.

Detailed Directions

The third update provides more detailed directions, including highlighting park entrances on the map and providing direct guidance to trailheads when requesting walking or cycling directions. This feature will help visitors navigate the park more easily and save time when planning their itinerary.

Offline Map Downloading

The fourth update allows users to download a map for offline use, providing access without internet or cellular data. This feature will come in handy for visitors who plan to venture into areas with unreliable cellular coverage.

These updates will be available for all US national parks in April and will be rolled out to parks around the world in the coming months.

“From now on, everything related to national parks will be in one place,” said Michael Curtes, Group Product Manager at Google Maps.

Overall, these new Google Maps updates will make trips to national parks easier and more enjoyable for all tourists.

Source: Google Maps update makes exploring U.S. national parks easier

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